Loyalty program for strategic partners

We want to support global companies with their plans with partners. And we do it through a program that helps to develop partners´ competencies, increase their innovation capabilities, accelerate digital transformation and increase commercial efectiveness.

Channel Boosting program




  • Increase loyalty.
  • Reduce time to market for solutions/innovation.
  • Increase revenue through partners.

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A select group of top managers or owners of the partners´ companies that the global brand considers that:


Are key actors to reach end users with strategic solutions or innovations.


Define and execute strategy and comercial plans within the partner´s company and are essential to maintain leadership within the market,


Who wantto improve innovation capability through the implementation of new tools that generate value to them and their customers.

Channel Boosting
training model

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Selecting contents and management tools that are best for each theme/área of training.

. . .

Activating multiple intelligencies by alterning theory and practice, fostering creativity and analysis. (HD/HI) .

. . .

Fostering interaction and collective intelligence among participants, as a way to generate innovation.

. . .

Ensuring great levels of practice, in order to avoid theoretical concepts with scarce real value.

Increase loyalty among strategic partners by adding value.

Ensure key solutions become part of the partner´s strategic plan and sales plan.

Reduce time-to- market of new solutions.

Alignmedium and long term objectives with partners. (increase forecast accuracy)

Build a closer relationship by speaking similar languages.

Increase market share within the partner.

Generate a “time out”, a space of reflection for the company, in order to define how to face challengeswith effective tools and solutions.

Get to know approaches and practical tools aboutstrategic and operative áreas of the business.

Access to the latest trendsregarding management tools, marketing and sales, with focus on the innovation process andcontinuous improvement.

Share real experiences with other managers of similar companies.

Get to know best management practices from other regions and markets…

Detect potential improvement opportunities within the company management and set/launch growing sales plans